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  The Royal Canadian Legion  
Eastview Branch 462 
294 Cyr Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1L 7N7
Office: 613-741-9539
EMAIL: RCL462@rogers.com

2023-2024 Branch Executive
Title Name Branch email
President Angela Bourassa president@rcl462.ca 
1st Vice President Raymond Hotte 1stvice@rcl462.ca
2nd Vice President Henry McCambridge 2ndvice@rcl462.ca
3rd Vice President Cecil Thomas 3rdvice@rcl462.ca
Chairman VACANT  chairman@rcl462.ca
Secretary  Micheline Szabo  secretary@rcl462.ca
Recording Secretary TBC  
Treasurer Raymond Barker treasurer@rcl462.ca
Sgt-at-Arms Raymond Hotte sgtatarms@rcl462.ca 
Membership Barbara Labelle membership@rcl462.ca
Bursary - Community Funding Henry McCambridge bursary@rcl462.ca
Honours & Awards Raymond Hotte honours@rcl462.ca
Hospital Visiting Richard Campbell visiting@rcl462.ca
Poppy Richard Campbell poppy@rcl462.ca
Public Relations Pierre Facette public-relations@rcl462.ca
Service Officer Andrew Stevenson service-officer@rcl462.ca
Legion Seniors  VACANT  rcl462@rogers.com
Youth VACANT  rcl462@rogers.com
Sports Cecil Thomas sports@rcl462.ca
Entertainment Richard Massie Entertainment@ rcl462.ca
Ways & Means Cecil Thomas waysandmeans@rcl462.ca
House & Bar  Micheline Szabo  houseandbar@rcl462.ca
Cadet Liaison Raymond Hotte cadets@rcl462.ca
Maintenance and Grounds Paul Huard  maintenance@rcl462.ca


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